Sustainable Livelihood – AJSA India
AJSA India's Sustainable Livelihood program aims to promote self-sufficiency among marginalized and vulnerable communities of India through sustainable livelihood initiatives, skills training, capacity building, and income-generating activities. Learn more about our initiatives and impact.
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Sustainable Livelihood

Strengthening Livelihood & Food Security of Vulnerable Communities

Through its livelihood-based interventions, AJSA also aims to-

  • Facilitate processes for enhancing the capacity of natural and human resources to enable livelihood security
  • Promote appropriate & ecologically conducive mechanisms for increasing food production to promote household-level food security.

AJSA’s history is steeped in a commitment to promoting livelihood security, particularly during times when various parts of India were grappling with economic distress and hunger. With many families having little or no land, a stable source of income was hard to come by, and sadly, many succumbed to starvation. Recognizing the urgent need for collective action, AJSA focused on two crucial aspects – promoting sustainable livelihoods and fostering entrepreneurship development. AJSA’s efforts have been nothing short of transformative, bringing about positive change in communities once plagued by poverty and hunger. AJSA’s legacy is a testament to the power of determination and collective action to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Livelihood Promotion

Livelihood diversification linked with increased incomes and savings are critical for reducing the vulnerability of rural communities, especially in times of disaster. In the non-farm livelihoods sector, AJSA’s efforts are focused on the promotion of self-help groups, skill building, community enterprise in the processing of agricultural and minor forest products and technological application for livelihood promotion.

  • Promotion of Climate Resilient Improved Agriculture Practices & Ecological Farming
  • Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture
  • Promotion of Non-Pesticides Management Based Agriculture (NPMA)
  • Vocational Training and Skill Building
  • Sustainable Water-efficient Practices- System Crop Intensification, Organic Farming, Soil Health Management, Pest disease management, fodder development and Management
  • Productivity and Market Linkages- Promotion & strengthening of Farmer Producer organisations/companies, Value Chain studies & business plans
  • Promotion and Strengthening of Women led Agriculture/NTFP/Social enterprises
  • Watershed Management & Rainwater Management
  • Creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities through effective Management and preservation of Land, Water &Forest Resources and promotion/strengthening of CBOs
  • Awareness building and sensitization of communities on Various Entitlements Related to Livelihood Supported by the Government
  • Promotion of Sustainable Farming Solutions for smallholder farmers
  • Promotion of Alternative Livelihood/Livelihood diversification, strengthening access to finance for enterprise development and market linkages.

Other Livelihood Enhancement Activities

  • Village-level asset creation in Convergence approach by the successful implementation of Government Schemes/programs
  • SHG development
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Livestock Development
  • Agriculture and Horticulture Activities

Mobilizing communities into various CBOs

  • 64 Forest Protection committees (For protection of community forestry)
  • 2322 Farmers club (For effective Vegetable cultivation and marketing)
  • 16550 Self-help Groups (For saving, bank linkage, Rural Business Enterprise Development etc.)
  • 244 Village Level Job seeker committees,87 GP Level Federation &64 Block Federation have been formed (For Effective Implementation of MGNREGA )
  • 107 Watershed committee (For effective resource management)
  • 5244 Village development committee (Monitoring and supervision govt. programs and other development activities)
  • 110 Farmer producer associations, 52 women led agriculture producer groups and 2 Women-led agriculture companies formed.

Entrepreneurship Development

AJSA works towards the promotion of women groups and federations by empowering them through the integration of various self-income generation programs and leadership building programs to fortify and cater the needs of rural women to make them self-reliant. To build up these processes, AJSA has been promoting women led SHGs, cooperative societies, Agriculture Producer Companies etc. The members of these groups were trained and as a result of that they are able to run fair price shops, collection and marketing of NTFPs, linking with banks, developing micro-enterprises and also internal money lending like a loan. During the last few years, the SHGs and the cooperative society have successfully raised their own funds, without any outside funding support other than the bank.

Sustainable Agriculture Growth

With more than 3 decades of experience strengthening livelihoods and reducing poverty in rural communities, AJSA understands the challenges farmers face and recognises their huge untapped potential. Our agriculture programmes tackle these challenges holistically by catalysing and creating access to quality inputs and finance, developing entrepreneurs to widen services, promoting effective farming techniques and proven technology, and facilitating the development of pro-poor agriculture markets.

Through various locally led adaptation and mitigation measures, AJSA strives to improve the resilience of farmers while reducing their vulnerability to short-term threats. Our initiatives to improve productivity go hand in hand with our focus on sustainable intensification.

AJSA programme elevates farmers and their families out of hunger and poverty into secure, sustainable livelihoods.

AJSA enables farmers to get more from the land they already own using Climate Resilient and Improved Agriculture Practices & Ecological Farming, climate-resilient seed varieties and innovative techniques. This reduces total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per kilogram of food produced and prevents the expansion of production areas into forest areas, further reducing GHG emissions. AJSA also helps communities to become involved in decisions affecting their living environments and promotes fair and sustainable methods of using and managing land and water.


  • Convergence Model

    Addressing and food & nutrition security through assured 100 days employment and sustainable agriculture in rural areas.

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  • Participatory Model

    Addressing poverty induced migration through people’s participation and livelihood security.

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  • Sustainable Agriculture Growth

    Synchronizing production of a common basket of commodities/crops to create a marketable surplus.

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Glimpses of our work

Key Impact


Farmers covered under Climate Smart Agriculture Initiatives


Farmers practicing organic farming


Mega Water Harvesting Structures and Check dams created


Quintals of Grain Bank Created to address the problems related to Food Insecurity


Trained Women Leaders are pursuing self-reliant Actions


Raised for Women Led Social Enterprises

We believe that real and lasting change begins at the grassroots