Gender Justice – AJSA India
AJSA India's Gender Justice program is dedicated to promoting gender equality and empowerment of women and girls. Our initiatives include advocacy, legal support, and community outreach to address gender-based violence, discrimination, and social injustice. Learn more about our work and impact on our Gender Justice page.
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Gender Justice


AJSA is a leading development organisation that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women, regardless of their intersecting identities. We use our advocacy efforts to empower women girls and to enhance their quality of life. The organization harnesses evidence and unites diverse voices to spark commitment to gender equality. Our organization is centred around sexual and reproductive health, and we actively campaign for the rights of women and girls in every aspect of their lives.

Our vision is of a world where women are safe and respected and actively involved, alongside men, in shaping and improving their societies.

Why Women’s Empowerment?

Every third woman globally faces violence in their lifetime. Girls and women encounter discrimination everywhere, be it school, society, politics, or work. The ongoing threat of sexual harassment and violence is a part of their daily lives. This prejudice is unjust, and it confines women and girls to poverty.

Gender equality is the fundamental concept of providing equal human rights, opportunities, responsibilities, and treatment to everyone, regardless of their gender. It enables women and girls to reach their full potential, and the benefits extend beyond individuals to entire communities and nations. Gender equality improves education and health outcomes, fosters economic growth, and benefits everyone.

How do we empower women?

Since its inception, AJSA support women to have a voice and to be able to make informed decisions that affect their lives. We empower women within their homes, communities, and beyond. Enabling women to voice their opinions and make well-informed decisions that impact their lives is a key focus for us. We empower women in their households, communities and beyond by using a multi-level approach. Our programs bring about change at the individual, local and societal level, while also working to challenge violence against women with both men and women.

To achieve our goal, we provide support to women at different levels. For individual women, we work on building their confidence and self-esteem, as well as increasing their knowledge and skills. Within households, we strive towards shared decision-making and control of household wealth. In communities, we promote positive attitudes towards gender equality and challenge negative beliefs. We also advocate for the rights and equal participation of women. At the wider societal level, we address power imbalances, challenge political and economic structures, and influence laws and policies. Our programs also aim to reduce the risk of violence against women and provide support and recovery for survivors of violence. Finally, we engage men to change their attitudes towards violence against women.

AJSA’s efforts towards women’s empowerment include:

  • Assisting women in meeting their fundamental requirements and earning a livelihood,
  • Encouraging women’s equal involvement in decision-making processes at all levels,
  • Empowering women to become leaders themselves,
  • Rendering psychological and legal aid to those who have survived violence
  • Collaborating with both men and women to change attitudes and behaviors,
  • Advocating for legislation that safeguards women’s rights and respects their dignity.

“Empowering women today for a brighter tomorrow! Join us in making a difference.”

  • Enhancing Women’s Participation

    In all its initiatives, AJSA places women at the centre and focuses on ensuring their rights and empowering/enabling them to become active and equal members of the society.

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  • Mobilizing Women to Build Self-reliant Action’s through Self Help Groups

    In all its initiatives, AJSA places women at the centre and focuses on ensuring their rights and empowering/enabling them to become active and equal members of the society.

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Glimpses of our work

Key Impacts


Women Self Help Groups Formed


Women leaders trained on Alternative Livelihood


Quintals of Grain Bank Stored by women leaders to address food insecurity and Money Lenders exploitation


Raised for Rural Women Enterprises


Hectares Community Forestry Protected by 64 Women Led Forest Protection Committees