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Explore how your company/organization can join hands with AJSA to create a positive impact on society. We implement programmes in the most vulnerable remotest regions of India across various sectors. We welcome corporate partnerships to achieve sustainable development goals.
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Corporate Partnership


We have been addressing issues and responding to emergencies in remote and unreached areas since 1989. We understand the value of each life and establish access to areas where no one else goes.


We evaluate and monitor the results of the projects that we implement. We provide specific indicators of impact which can help you know your contribution and improve brand image.


100% of your contribution will be utilized in the projects of your choice and we provide real time update on how your funds are being used to make difference in people’s lives.

AJSA is registered for undertaking CSR activities with the office of the Registrar of Companies (under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India vide Registration number : CSR00015530

Ways to Partner With Us

Grant Funding

Support us through financial donations that supplement our ability to deliver inclusive and sustainable solutions to the most marginalized.

Co-Creation of Socially Responsible Projects

Partner with us to co-create projects that enable innovative impact models to create change in the most vulnerable areas of Odisha and support the socio-economic development of those who need it the most.

Emergency Support

Support our efforts to reach the most marginalized families of Odisha with critical aid during an emergency.

Preparedness and Resilience

Help us in promoting technical as well as locally identified preparedness and risk-reduction measures in the most disaster-prone areas of India.

Employee Engagement

If you are a corporate looking for innovative ways of employee engagement, you can choose AJSA to help you with that. Your employees will not just be engaged in interesting activities. They will also contribute to social good.

If you are an individual willing to volunteer your time and talents to our cause, you may approach your employer and connect with AJSA to plan activities that will keep you motivated and connected to change. Please write us at to know more.

Get in touch

We are here to help you discover how your business can make a real impact. Contact us at  for more information and to develop a personalised initiative for your business.

You have the power to change!


Partnerships are essential for the strategic, sustainable and large-scale impact. They are integral to bring about changes in policies, drive advocacy efforts and support long-term development.

AJSA is a trusted partner of organizations that work in the development sector and is part of various global collectives such as European Union, UK Aid, US Aid,BMZ etc. AJSA has successfully implemented several long-term projects supported by various national and international development organizations and CSR Foundations.

Why Partner With Us

We implement programmes in most vulnerable remotest regions of India across various sectors.

The ‘Empowerment Catalyst’: How AJSA Integrates into Your ESG Framework


Holistic Environmental Stewardship

AJSA’s endeavors encompass a holistic approach to environmental preservation and sustainability. By championing practices that minimize ecological impact, AJSA contributes to the broader initiative of mitigating climate change and safeguarding the planet’s delicate ecosystems.

Mitigating Climate Change’s Effects

AJSA plays a pivotal role in addressing the ramifications of climate change within its operational scope. While long-term solutions are being explored on a global scale, AJSA’s immediate actions provide essential relief, aiding communities adversely affected by climate-induced challenges through community-led climate change adaption & mitigation programmes in the most vulnerable locations and coastal areas of India.

Precision in Resource Allocation

AJSA’s commitment to community-driven solutions ensures that resources are directed where they are most needed, fostering an efficient allocation process that minimizes wastage and contributes to a reduction in carbon footprint.

Empowering Local Solutions

Recognizing the significance of locally-led approaches, AJSA partners with verified humanitarian organizations to ascertain that aid is dispensed only when local resources are insufficient. By adhering to this approach, AJSA assists in curbing unnecessary emissions associated with excessive transportation.


Empowering Resilience Amidst Crisis

AJSA’s role as an empowerment catalyst is evident in its dedication to alleviating the impacts of climate-driven crises. Through its initiatives, AJSA equips vulnerable communities with the resources and knowledge to adapt and withstand the social challenges brought about by environmental shifts.

Collaborative Response Efforts

AJSA’s platform fosters collaboration between diverse stakeholders, uniting philanthropic foundations, NGOs, and local communities in a concerted effort to address climate change’s social implications comprehensively and effectively.

Diverse Impact, Inclusive Solutions

AJSA’s impact transcends geographical and social boundaries, benefiting various communities across economic strata. This focus on inclusivity resonates with your existing operations and interests, amplifying positive outcomes for a wide range of individuals.


Transparency in Impact Measurement

AJSA’s proficiency in collecting both qualitative and quantitative data related to its initiatives ensures that its partners can comprehensively report back to stakeholders, in line with ESG priorities and frameworks.

Structured Processes for Accountability

AJSA employs meticulous processes for collecting relevant data, allowing for transparent reporting that aligns with your ESG goals.

A Trusted and Competent Partner

AJSA’s established track record in safeguarding its partners’ reputation demonstrates its commitment to ethical practices and underscores its role as a trusted collaborator in your sustainability initiatives.

Supporting the Right Causes

With a comprehensive portfolio spanning various developmental activities, AJSA meticulously selects and collaborates with organizations that share its commitment to sustainable development initiatives. By directing resources towards initiatives that resonate with its mission and expertise, AJSA ensures that its efforts yield tangible and significant results across a spectrum of developmental endeavors. This multifaceted strategy underscores AJSA’s role as a catalyst for positive change and reinforces its commitment to driving comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

Commitment to Reporting and Oversight

AJSA’s stringent reporting requirements on aid distribution ensure that ongoing assessments are made regarding the efficacy of your support and its contribution to mitigating climate change’s effects.

AJSA serves as an integrative ESG partner, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you and your team.

Let’s Create Change Together

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