Our 360 Degree Approach – AJSA India
AJSA India's 360-degree approach to sustainable development is a holistic strategy that addresses the multiple dimensions of poverty and promotes inclusive growth. Discover how we integrate education, healthcare, livelihoods, environment, and community development to create a lasting impact on our Our 360-Degree Approach page.
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Our 360 Degree Approach

What is it?

AJSA 360° Community Driven Development approach aims to generate a sense of ownership among communities to build on their existing capacities and resources in a manner which is equitable and free from any form of discrimination.

Under the 360° approach, AJSA believes that in order to eliminate poverty, it is important to be engaged holistically in all the sectors- including water and sanitation, community mobilization livelihoods, health and nutrition. The approach is based on the Gandhian principles of village “Gram swaraj” self-reliance and working around key strengths of a village. AJSA focuses on complementing what already exists with the government and private partners.

Elements of a 360° Approach


  • ConvergenceIn order to address vulnerabilities and root causes of issues faced by the marginalized, we link and collaborate with concerned government departments to ensure a sense of sustainability in whatever we do.
  • Awareness GenerationWe believe in the power of collectives which guides us in generating awareness among the marginalized about various aspects of individual and community development and existing resources that can be utilized to address issues being faced by them.
  • Voluntary InitiativesWe recognise the potential of communities as first responders to any situation. We mobilize and provide necessary support to members of the community and motivate them to become a part of locally identified solutions.
  • Empowering People to Exercise their RightsFollowing an issue-based approach, we empower people to become active citizens in their community. Active citizens are people who are motivated and have the skill and confidence to speak up for their rights and basic needs.
  • External SupportAs a final measure, we seek support externally from the private sector and engage in crowdfunding & donation (technical and financial assistance).

We believe and work to nurture locally grown and Community led sustainable solutions.