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Padamashri Sabarmatee

Chief Executive- Sambhav

Area of Expertise- Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Farming and Environmental Protection

Padmashri Sabarmatee is a remarkable figure in the field of environmental activism and social entrepreneurship. Her dedication to promoting sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, and rural development has left a lasting impact on her community and beyond.

Popularly Known as “Tiki Apa” Sabarmatee was born on 16th February 1968 in Puri to the illustrious Professor Radha Mohan, an environmental activist, former Odisha Information Commissioner, and retired economics professor, Sabarmatee was raised in a household deeply committed to environmental conservation and sustainable farming practices. She completed her Master’s degree in Rural Development from Gandhigram Rural Institute, Tamilnadu and was awarded DSc by Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology.

In the 1990s, Sabarmatee embarked on her journey as an environmental activist. She recognized the pressing need to promote sustainable agricultural practices and conserve the natural resources that rural communities heavily relied upon. To bring her vision to life, she co-founded Sambhav, a non-governmental organization dedicated to rural development and biodiversity conservation. Tiki’s commitment to Sambhav led her to leave her job at Oxfam in 1993 to work full-time for the organization, further highlighting her dedication to their cause.

Through Sambhav, Sabarmatee has implemented a wide range of community-based programs aimed at fostering sustainable development. Some of the notable initiatives include the revival of traditional seed varieties, the promotion of organic farming techniques, and the establishment of community-managed forests. These efforts have not only enhanced the livelihoods of local residents but also contributed to the preservation of biodiversity in the region.

Sabarmatee’s unwavering commitment to her cause has earned her both national and international recognition. Her work has garnered attention for its innovative and effective approaches to sustainable agriculture and community empowerment. In 2018, she received the Nari Shakti Puraskar, in recognition of her outstanding work. In 2020, both Sabarmatee and her father- Prof. Radhamohan received the prestigious Padma Shri award, one of India’s highest civilian awards, acknowledging their decades-long efforts in promoting conservation and organic farming.

Padmashri Sabarmatee’s work transcends mere activism; it serves as a beacon of hope and a role model for individuals and organizations striving for sustainable development. Her contributions have not only improved the lives of people in her community but have also made significant strides in the conservation of India’s precious natural resources. Through her dedication and leadership, she continues to be a driving force for positive change in rural India and beyond.