Mobilizing Women to Build Self-reliant Action’s through Self Help Groups – AJSA India
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Mobilizing Women to Build Self-reliant Action’s through Self Help Groups

Formation and strengthening of SHG’s has been one of the focused programs of AJSA since its inception. These self – groups are making use of their saving for starting income generating activities such as agriculture, livestock rearing, horticulture, raising nurseries, pisciculture, vegetable cultivation, collective marketing, managing of public distribution system, goat rearing and leaf-plate making form some of the enterprises taken up by members of SHGs. etc. Generally self-help group unites 10 to 15 members of the community, who commit to jointly make savings every month. As the fund grows, the members may borrow money from the fund. To support these self-help groups AJSA provides support and capacity building, including basic record keeping and financial training and supports groups to undertake income- generating activities. These small informal women’s groups provide working capital loans to their members and encourage improved savings habits. They also address the issue of, women’s marginalization; being disproportionately under privileged in income generation and other economic activities, such as money management, SHG’s offer a unique opportunity to empower women within the household and the community. The initiative undertaken by the SHGs has enabled the women and their families to reduce their dependence on money- lenders and has given them a greater financial security.